Preparedness Partners Inc. is a Vermont-based and Veteran-owned LLC that provides a wide variety of services for hospitals and health care facilities, government entities, and private businesses to plan and prepare for disasters, emergencies, and likely hazards.  These services include:

• Strategic Planning
• Emergency Operations Plans
• Preparedness Evaluation
• Physical Security Evaluation
• Threat Analysis
• Exercise Development and Evaluation
• Continuity of Business Planning
• Continuity of Government Planning
• Plan Validation
MarkStanovichMark Stanovich has a wide range of operational planning, emergency planning, and exercise development experience.  He has worked with response and medical organizations, private industry, municipalities, state and federal entities in developing plans and procedures for a large spectrum of threats and hazards.   Mark has an extensive background in planning, conducting, and evaluating training exercises in military and civilian venues from local municipalities to nationally-scoped events.  Scenarios include cyber-security, emergency response, natural disaster response, military operations, and release of WMD by terror organizations. Mark is a 25-year US Marine Officer, and is a combat veteran of the Iraq war.
In addition, Mark has:

 • Worked closely with Vermont Hospitals in Emergency Preparedness efforts,  establishing relationships with Vermont's Hospital Preparedness Coordinators and other critical staff that includes emergency department physicians, infection preventionists. 
• Developed Emergency Operations Plan template in use by two-thirds of Vermont hospitals.

• Developed NIMS-equivalent Hospital Incident Command System IV training workshop for hospital management and incident command staffs,  presenting workshops throughout Vermont to train hospital incident
command staffs in achieving NIMS compliance and familiarization with HICS IV.
Mark's emergency management training includes Enhanced Incident Management/Unified Command (EIMUC) Course (TEEX),  IS 700,  IS 100/200, IS 120/139.  Mark is a Certified HSEEP Exercise Developer and Evaluator, and an
experienced exercise and workshop facilitator.

Dennis Malloy has significant experience  in all phases of strategic management and emergency preparedness.  He has worked with municipal, state, regional, federal and international partners, as well as with healthcare system organizations and first responders in developing foundations of emergency preparedness, and in applying them in training and real world events.

Specifically, Dennis has:

  • Worked closely with Vermont hospitals and their partners in Vermont, in adjoining States, and nationally, in supporting and coordinating improvement in their preparedness and in their response to emergency events.
  • Led the State of Vermont  Agency of Natural Resources in strategic management, including emergency management for more than ten years.  He was instrumental in developing, applying, and improving Vermont’s current generation of State Emergency Operation Plans.
  • Led and coordinated teams in emergency operations centers, and in the field, in responding to the full range of Vermont’s emergency events, as well as in exercises.  He has extensive experience in the Vermont radiological emergency response program.

Dennis engages organizations in developing awareness of their situation, and in creating plans, training and experience that will reduce their risks and improve their capability to respond in the event of an emergency.  He has extensive experience in evaluating and improving emergency preparedness through training and exercise programs.  He is a certified HSEEP exercise evaluator.

Dennis is a retired Navy Captain with operational experience in a broad range of training, exercise, mission readiness and response events in many theaters of operation in the course of his thirty years of service.